Story of Sak Yant

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What is Sak Yant?

Thai Sak Yant, It has been since ancient times but now it is becoming more and more popular to the worldwide. People around the world who visited Thailand at least have to get one for their experience before they are going back home. The pattern is unique and still latent with grace. It is a valuable tattoo. Thai Sak Yant tattoo is a traditional hand poked.

The tattoo design on the body, especially people who have believed that Sak Yant gives the power of protection, love, work, communication, heath, confidence, positive energy, pulling good people, intelligent, good moral, mentally/psychically strength and all sorts of way to help them make their lives better or helps relieve the difficult situation.

Popular positions are on the back, neck, shoulders, shoulders, forearms and knees, respectively. The Master will determine the position for people.



Types of Yant

• Maetthaa Mahaniyom (Popular and Compassion) – Compassion from other is obtained, popularity is achieved with one’s peers and people feel the need to help you. *Match for those who are seeking for business

• Mahaa Sanaeh (Charming) – Charm and attraction to make one attractive to the opposite sex, or even obtain the love of a particular person. *Match for those who seeks for love or partner

• Amnaj (Power or strength) – The wearer is rendered powerful is both senses, physical or in a more subtle way such as Politically, This kind of Yant of interest to people wishing or need to command respect and obedience. *Match for those who are seeking for work in the danger field or else.

• Kong Grapan / Klaew Klaad / Gun Pai (Protection) – To protect from accident, bad people, bad energy, sharp weapons, objects, black magic spell, unwanted spirit or all sorts of harmful way to you. * Match for all kind

• Choke Larp (Luck and Fortune) – To help you seeing good thing comes into your life and boosting your destiny. *Match for all kind

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