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Arjan Neng

Story of Arjan Neng


          Arjan Neng, is one of Bangkok’s most well-known and respected who preserves the culture of ancient Sak Yant (Bamboo tattoo). The practice of Sak Yant has existed back thousands of years, to the very beginnings of Theravada Buddhism in both India and Nepal, where sacred hymns, verses and mantras were married with geometrical patterns and animist imagery to pay homage to the spirits and summon up their mystical power.


Arjan Neng will tattoo with hand poked fervently with highly focus. He will make sure the experience will not only to remember but to hold the key of life changing for your fortune. The main priority is the hygiene in the tattoo “He does show and make sure to use new needles, ink and gloves at all times for everyone.”


       Arjan Neng is not a monk but a master and learned scholar in the sacred skins of Sak Yant. He started as an apprentice for 6 years and became a master (Arjan) for more than 13 years. With regards to learn Sak Yant is to step back in time and become learned in one of the world’s most ancient and sacred traditions. Not only is there the intricate art work of the tattoos, which consists of almost 1000 different graphic images, as well as the difficult and precise process of application with a long and very pointy stick (known as Khem Sak), there’s also the entire Pali and Khmer script to master as well as a raft of secret spells, chants and mantras via a series of cloistered initiation rites and sacred ceremonies

      Ajarn Neng believes it’s important to honor the traditions of Sak Yant, he also takes a slightly more holistic approach, believing that the Yant are there to remind the wearer to live the life of a dutiful Buddhist, committed to doing good, to generate positive karma and ultimately, to get a better deal in your next life.


Arjan Neng’s Master (See photos on the gallery)
• Arjan Prayod DinDang
• Arjan Thong Talad Pool
• Arjan Phat Thao Thong
• Arjan Chumnarn Wong Thai
• Pra Arjan Pete Wat Hua Kwang
• Arjan Nathadate Prathippichai
• Pra Arjan Chai Headless tiger

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