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Sak yant tattoos Has existed since ancient times It is now becoming popular all over the world Many people from many countries come to Thailand for Sak Yant tattoos.

With a pattern that is unique and uniquely hidden with Buddhism Sak yant tattoos thai with a vintage hand needle for the original identity Arjanneng is Another person who preserves the culture of Sak yant tattoos
He has knowledge of magic and ancient languages ​​with more than ten years of experience making it known all over the world

It is important to tattoo hygiene Arjanneng will change the needle and ink every time And wearing gloves To prevent pathogens the tatoos pattern of Arjanneng is Considered unique and beautiful from the intention of creating works.

So that everyone can get valuable things back with them throughout their live Arjanneng Be a moral person And make merit and donate regularly Everyone who comes into the tattoo can feel it.

Forwarnning Arjanneng is not a doctor

After you have tattooed, if you notice any allergic reactions or stinging around your skin you need to seek immediate medical attention
Not in a hurry to come to Arjanneng better hurry to see a doctor our bodies are allergic to chemicals differently, before you get a tattoo, you need to decide.